Why This Theme?

This theme is probably more suited to a photographic blog than a ‘lifestyle’ blog which comprises of anything, because of the image tabs on the homepage. Well, here’s my logic:

Whilst I’d love everybody to look at every one of my posts, that isn’t the point of this blog. If you find some of my stuff interesting, then you can subscribe. Come back to the homepage any time, and you’ll be greeted with a set of image tabs. See something that looks interesting? Click it, see what it’s all about! An image says a thousand words, they say. You can process images a lot quicker than you can process words, so why waste time reading titles?

Of course, once you’ve hovered over the image, you’ll see the post title. At that point you can either think ‘actually, that sounds pretty boring’ or ‘hey, I think I’ll check this out’, the latter being highly appreciated!

So there you go, that’s why I chose Mixfolio!


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