About Myself and the Blog

This is purely a reiteration of the first post, which will likely become lost in a mess of posts, pictures.

Hello all!


This is my second blog, and it is going to be my personal blog! I have another blog, one that is more ‘professional’. I keep posting random stuff on it though, so I’m creating this blog as a place I can put anything I like, and not be constricted. Hopefully, this’ll help clean up my other blog to keep it more on-track, and let me express myself in any way I like here!

Everybody likes blog traffic and subscribers. It makes you feel good about running your blog, you’re appreciated and enjoyed and so forth. However, I don’t think I’ll mind all that much if I don’t get a million million subscribers on this blog, as this one is for me! The other blog (I am deliberately keeping them separate) is more tied in with one of my college courses, and may help me get a place at uni, so a successful blog looks better for me.

The way I’m seeing it is this; people will subscribe to the other blog if they enjoy the subject matter, and is it contained within a topic. People will subscribe to this blog if they find me interesting, enjoy listening to what I have to say and generally appreciate my efforts. That, to me, is a wonderful thing, and I will treasure each and every subscriber!

So, who is this guy! I’m a student at college in England. I study English Language, Biology, Chemistry and Maths. I’m a competitive swimmer and a lifeguard. I enjoy going to folk festivals and reading books (not at the same time, usually). I dabble in photography, though I struggle to find the time at the moment.

On this blog  there will be.. anything that interests me! Including:

-Quotes I like

-Poems/Short Stories I Write

-Subjects That Interest Me

-Photos I Take

-Arguments Over Things That Interest Me

-Quirky Little Things That Have Caught My Attention

and other such ‘stuff’, though the term is vague and inexplicable! I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Here are some things that are important to me, mean something to me, I enjoy doing, I value and so on..


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