Why I Stopped Writing On This Blog

It’s been pretty clear that I haven’t been very ‘active’ on this blog recently. But why? You might ask. I was getting lots and lots of views, comments and so forth, and all was going successfully. Well, this is why.

On the first month this blog was up (December 2012) it gained 886 views. Not too bad for a first month. My other blog, my ‘main’ blog was started in September 2012. It’s successive monthly views from then on were as follows – 27, 243, 500, 705, 1001. That’s right; it was five months before that blog could achieve what this one did in it’s first month. But the thing is, this blog is very, very high maintenance.

I was peaking at about 36 views per day on this blog – but only on days that I pingbacked and responded to the WordPress Daily Prompt. I also wrote for Trifecta, and linked back there which sent some views my way. But on days which I didn’t write, I’d rarely exceed ten views. This blog just hasn’t been gaining search responses. For example, have a look at the stats: The blog has gained 3,474 views in its lifetime. 1,055 of those are referred by the Daily Prompt. Following this is, admittedly, search engines at 811 then Trifecta at 482 (after that it drops down to WordPress Reader at 37, then 17, 13, 9 etc). Just a health warning too – some of those Search Responses have occurred since I haven’t been pinging to the Daily Prompt and Trifecta. My other blog has 8,894 views. It’s top referrer is Search Engines at 5,217 followed by Fountain Pen Network at 202 and various WordPress elements adding up to 123. The majority of the views on that blog have come from real people, searching and finding my blog.

So you see, my other blog (oh go on, it’s datbookreviews.wordpress.com) is self-sufficient. I get almost as many views on days I don’t post as days that I do, because there’s still people finding me on search engines, not just from referring sites, and my blog is slowly gaining Search Rank so that more people come through the door, as the internet recognises that it is a successful website that people might want to read. There are common searches for which my blog is second or third in search rank. This blog though, on days I wasn’t posting and getting those referral links up, I’d get virtually nothing through the door.

Why, though? I’d used tags just the same, titles and so on. But hey, the thing is, this is a lifestyle blog. I wanted to write about me, things that interest me and so on and so forth. It turned into a bit of a writing blog because I enjoyed that and found success there. The thing I realised though, is that people, unfortunately, don’t care. That may sound very pessimistic, but what I mean by it is that unless you have a really interesting life and you’re blogging about something specific (like your BASE Jumping habit), people aren’t really that interested. I’m a college student. The things that crop up and demand I write about them just don’t chime with what other people on the internet want to read about, which has been the downfall of the blog.

So, that’s a lengthy explanation of what happened to this blog.

TL;DR: I got frustrated because this blog was very high maintenance requiring daily attention, and wasn’t self sufficient and stable in keeping views.


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