TWC: Juggle

This weeks word on Trifecta is ‘juggle’, as in juggling our obligations. I think we all do this, so this is my part.

All these things,
They stretch me,
Pull me, tear me.

They say I owe them all,
My time,
My life.

I try,
Always try.
To sate their hunger.

For my attention,
My love,
My heart.

So I juggle,
Keep them all up,
But I’m failing.

They’re falling,
Hitting the floor,
Not bouncing.

And as I scrabble for them,
They laugh –
The ask me.

Where are you without us?
You hate us,
You need us.

So I run.
I run.


14 thoughts on “TWC: Juggle

  1. I will go one step further to say it sounds like MOTHERhood. 🙂 At least, the motherhood of my youth. So hard to keep everything in the air. Good job!

  2. This is me all over. I’m way too willing to help and be available for my own good, and my own happiness often suffers ): Great work.

  3. Ah,how tough to have to juggle so many roles-so many responsibilities-we all go through this everyday!Very well expressed-loved the last lines-sometimes escaping seems the only solution-at least for the time being:-)

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