TWC: Doctor

Here’s my entry to this week’s Trifecta – ‘Doctor’. I hope you enjoy it!

“This is the sword that has marred me so. See it’s edge? These teeth have ravaged me, I have felt their pain, their anger. Yet I hold it in my palm, it comforts me. I know it is mine, that I shall bear it. ”

He looked up to his companion, whom stood in the dying light of the blood red sky. Reaching, he took the sword and ran his eye up it’s serrated edge. It’s steel was black and pitted, ugly. Akin to the surgeon’s saw, and twice happy to rend screams from its victims.

“It is an evil tool, as was the master who did wield it. ” He said, and did not relinquish the weapon.

Remor turned to look him in the eye. “He was, yet I find myself more akin to him than I had thought. The balance, weight, the heart of the blade. It dances with me as it were made for me, and I shall have it dance through the heart of him that wronged me. I shall not rest until I have avenged them, the folk of An-Telerien. ”

Henya handed him the blade with a shudder. “I am but a warrior, and have not the foresight of my fathers, but I think that evil will come to you from this blade. If you must keep it, take it to Aern the blacksmith, and have him doctor the edge to a blade. A soldier should fight with a sword, not a saw ”

He handed it back to Remor, but slipping his hand, the serrations on the edge cut into the palm of Remor, who smiled sadly. “It seems you are right, brother. The blade is greedy for my blood, but I will take it yet. I shall not have it smoothed, and I call it Kildaer; that which is Cruel-Teeth in the tongue of Mallarn. I am no soldier, just a man skilled at killing. ”

With that, Henya gave him a strangle look, and simply spoke “Wield it well. “


11 thoughts on “TWC: Doctor

  1. .I liked the description of the sword, and your use of ‘twice happy’ to describe how fearful a weapon it is. And the line ‘no soldier, just a man skilled at killing’… Some fearful people. I too thought of “Thrones”… well done.

    I hope their tetanus shots are up to date.

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