DP: Undo

Today’s Daily Prompt asks ‘If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.’

Easy. Easy easy easy. I would un-invent the Biro! By that I mean the type of pen, so perhaps I should say ballpoint to avoid singling out the Biro brand! That’s right, goodbye dispensable pens.

Why? Because they’re ridiculous. They advocate a bad writing style, bad pen posture and grip. They’re utterly conformist with blue and black (maybe red and green) and take all sense of ‘individual’ out of using a pen. Before you cry that there is no alternative, and we’d all die – consider this.

People managed before the ballpoint. They used fountain pens, and some rollerballs. Yes, there is a distinct difference between a ballpoint and a rollerball. A rollerball I have no problem with.

Repercussions? Well, first off we wouldn’t leave a trail of non-recyclable plastic behind us, we’d be using multi-use, Eco-friendly cool fountain pens. We’d also have a better writing posture, so children could learn to write more comfortably and not have writing become an odious task. Your pen would be distinguishable from the rest, and you’d know the brand – because who really cares where your ballpoint came from?

Goodbye ballpoints, you’ve done us nothing but harm.


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