DP: A Plot of Earth

Today’s Daily Prompt gives us a ‘plot of earth’ and the ‘financial resources’ to do what we please with it, and asks what might that be? Of course, they’ve left it very open as to how big the plot of earth is, where, the type of soil and how many elephants live on it, but we can work with that.

I just tried to pace my room to get an idea of size, and managed to hit my head on the sloping ceiling, so any insanity in this post can be attributed to that. Oops! I am going to say that my plot of earth is about five metres by five metres, giving me a twenty-five metre square floorspace – a moderately sized room. And that’s what I’d build; a writing room! A creativity room!

Not an office. Not drab walls, cheap desk and a pot plant, but a really nice writing room. It’s detailed here, actually. A lovely antique sloped writing desk and chair, a comfy sofa and a large bookshelf. A few plugs for a computer desktop set, and a small television set, perhaps. Perhaps it’s not much. Perhaps their are better things you can do with that space. In fact, I’m sure there is, but I’d dearly love a writing room. I’m planning to write a book and it’d just be perfect!


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