Why Choose Ubuntu

Let me start with a few questions.

-Do you enjoy your computer crashing?
-Do you enjoy seeing ‘xxxxxx is not responding’?
-Do you enjoy losing your saved work?
-Do you enjoy the time you spend watching your computer load?
-Do you enjoy paying for every new version of your software?

Okay, that’s five questions. I can’t imagine anybody answering yes to any of those questions, but let’s say if you answered yes to three or more questions, this post is for you. I’ll just say now that this is a topic I do feel strongly on, and there may be a few instances of strong language. My blog, my rules, there’s no taboo here! If you answered no to three or more questions, then I bid thee farewell now, and you can go back to being Windows’ Corporate Slave. I do not mean to offend, but some people are most closed-minded!

Now, let’s get down to the meat of the matter. The happenings above are instances of the Windows Operating System (OS). Be it 7, Vista, 8, 2000, whichever version, they all do it! Windows happens to be a highly inefficient operating system, full of lots of computer ‘junk’. The reason it so easily goes non-responsive or crashes is that it’s quite unstable, and runs many background processes at once, and becomes easily overwhelmed. Press CTRL-ALT-ESCAPE now, go to the ‘Processes’ tab and see how many of the listed you a) know what they are b) are using or c) understand why they are there. Not too many, I’ll warrant. You can kill most of them without anything blowing up (believe me, I’ve tried, but I won’t take responsibility if you blow your PC up!).

This isn’t going to be an anti-Windows rant, though. There are alternatives! If you ask most people what other operating systems are out there, I expect they’ll say ‘Mac OS.. Linux..’ then peter out. Let’s look at the options here then.

Mac OS: Comes bundled with Apple’s Macs. Can be bought on the Apple Store at £13.99 then illegitimately foisted onto a non-Mac computer. It’s pretty snazzy and a lot better than Windows (in my opinion), but can be costly.

Linux: Ah, thee Linux. Here we are. Can be downloaded in one of many forms all over the internet. And it’s free. It’s fully customizable, so you can have it any way you like, or you can go with a pre-set Distribution (distro).

Let’s talk about Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a Linux distro, I believe it’s the second-most popular one out there. It’s also heralded as being the best New-Linux-Member Friendly Distro. Oh, and it’s awesome. It comes packaged with the things that most people need in a computer. The internet (as Firefox, though Chrome is available – I use Chrome), an Office suite (like Microsoft Office) with word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, photo-viewing and editing capability and other things. Also, there’s the ‘Ubuntu Software Centre’ which is like an app store, which contains lots of other apps, like GIMP Professional Photo Editing, Games, other productivity apps, internet apps, tons of stuff!

Best of all, it’s very stable. I’ve never had it go non-responsive or crash, so using it is flawless. It boots up very quickly, and when you see the homescreen it’s ready to go – unlike windows which is still loading things in the background and isn’t ready yet. You’re on the web in 30 seconds from a cold start. Finally, it’s very quick to use, because it isn’t running all those junk processes that slow down your windows PC.

It’s pretty too. A bit like Mac OS – that’s pretty too. Take a look at your windows desktop. How many icons are there? I know mine had about 30. My Ubuntu desktop? None. You load it up, and it’s a beautiful screen just with your desktop background. Move your mouse over to the left of the screen, and the Unity taskbar comes up, with all your important apps ready to go, and that’s there wherever you are – on the internet, in the writer or anywhere. Press the windows key, and the dashboard comes up search for something, hit enter and you’re there. Whether it’s a file, an application, a webpage, it’s so slick. Another good one is pressing the ALT key. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s like a command line for any application you’re in. For example, on chrome I can hit alt, type ‘new tab’ and press enter to get a new tab. If you didn’t know how to do something – like save – in an application, use the command line to write ‘save’ and the option is there.

To be honest, I doubt this post will convince anybody to swap over to Ubuntu. However, I did and I’m so glad I did. The only thing that Windows outstrips Ubuntu at the moment in my opinion is PC gaming. However, Valve (owners of the Steam service) have publicised there preference for Linux over Windows 8, and are working on their Linux section of their store rather than Win8 compatibility. Take that, Microsoft!

If you are interested in trying it out (FREE, of course, it’s all free), follow this link . All of the information on how to install it is on that sight too. Don’t be put off by the orange colour scheme though – orange is cool!


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