WWC: My Lesbian Friend

Well homophobes, I’d ask you stay off of this post (also may be slightly sexual in nature). The Weekly Writing Challenge this week asks us to describe a character within our lives, be it a friend, a teacher, a cousin. Well, I thought quickly about the strong characters in my life and immediately thought of my lesbian friend. We can’t call her ‘C’, because I already have an anonymous person referred to as C, so lets go with ‘M’.

She’s short. The reason that this is a hugely important detail is that whilst I’m a pretty short guy, she’s one of the only people within my friendship group that is smaller than me. Our other friends will look around to see where we are, and look over us. It’s fairly depressing. Anyway, short girl! Red hair, shoulder length (perhaps a little longer) and – for the most part – heavy makeup. I’m really not into labels, especially the connotations of ’emo’, but I guess that’s her style, to an extent. Not hardcore, but black eyes, band shirts and awesomeness. She’s pretty good with that sort of music too, like me. Black Veil Brides, Bullet for my Valentine, You Me at Six, I HATE KATE and the like. She has a pair of converses of which I am hugely jealous. Green question mark Joker (batman) converses.

Like these, but cooler.

Now, when some people think lesbian, they think of some crazy girl that’ll jump on anything in sight. This is wrong. Most of the time. ‘M’ is what we all call our ‘rampant lesbian’. In fact, her full title is ‘little rampant lesbian monkey slut’, so that sums her up really. She expresses her sexuality with constant jokes, gestures and other interesting things. She’s proud, and good for her. She also just can’t help herself. She’ll go to hug one of her friends, and subconsciously play with their zip, or bra strap. She does have a girlfriend, but it’s quite an open relationship. We all know exactly what’s going on with them, and are informed when they need to visit the shop (meaning they need batteries).

She’s a really emotional person, for the most part meaning she’s really buoyant, but she can hit the decks and wash mascara all down her face. She isn’t scared of telling people exactly where to go, and does get into tremendous arguments. She’s really funny and witty. Sharp humour too, often turning standard phrases into homosexual jokes. You have to have your guard up, or I swear she’d manage to turn you. She does hold the belief that anybody will be receptive to her advances after a few drinks, and says that she herself has no willpower when drunk.

She’s a real great character, is M, and a starkly unique person. I’m really glad to know her.


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