DP: Choose Your Adventure

Yay, creative writing! I love creative writing, and today’s Daily Prompt opens up the arms to it in saying ‘Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.’

Okay, story time!

Battle was joined now in full, and the screams of men echoed against the low hills of the valley. Everywhere there were warriors kicking in the throes of death, an arrow through the eye and a cleaved skull. Amongst the chaos he strode. The tall night, the dark knight. Is armour all of black steel was glowing white with runes of protection and strength. Everywhere he looked, he brought death with the foul warhammer, Raglear that he held in his right hand. In his left he there wielded a spiked chain, which struck forth with deadly accuracy. Breaking a knuckle, or ensnaring a leg, it brought certain death to its target.

Rising now, he drew himself to full height and stared across the field. It took not long for him to espie the banner bearer of the king, and beyond him that noble sire. The king there fought in shining mail, his sabre bright and gleaming, stealing life from the foe with a subtle grace. Behind his visor, a smile broke across the dark knight’s face. A wicked grin it was, an heartless. He strode towards that banner, where the stallion reared above the shield. He hefted his weapon.

So, how does it end? Please comment!


15 thoughts on “DP: Choose Your Adventure

  1. He bulldozed his opponents as he raced towards the banner he so vehemently coveted. Seven more steps! Five! With a fierceness that rivaled the death blow he’d given to every opponent in his lifetime, his body crashed to the ground. This was foreign! What happened? Dazed and confused, he tried to recover but was dizzy. He looked up and the last thing he saw was a sword not to be beckoned with and the little man that beheld it.

  2. Sabre and war hammer clashed, the concusive force sent the surrounding warriors tumbling to the ground. The dark knights grin broadened and the King’s lips twitched to mirror the visage. In the light of laughter behind the King’s eyes the dark knight could see the truth of the situation. The King was an immortal too. There would be no victory on the battlefield that day. Disengaging his war hammer he belted out a hearty laugh and turned to rain his slaughter down on the mortals around him. Eventually, after he had crushed more skulls than he could count, he grew tired of the game and left the battle to seek entertainment elsewhere. He knew that would doom the remainder of his troops to certain defeat, but they were mortals anyway, and defeat was always their fate.

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  4. Only one target would satiate this Dark Knight’s thirst. The King or none he thought as he prodded his steed on toward the destined meeting. More men pledged to defend the king fell in his wake. The Dark Knight’s thirst for victory clouded his judgement, causing him to rush headlong toward the fluttering banner.

    A squad of bowmen gathered on the bluff above the king identified his from charging hard for their monarch. With as much calmness as they could muster they coordinated their efforts and took careful aim. The sound of thier strings letting fly the weapons of death was a strange music.

    Charging forward the Black knight already dreamed of the celebration back home. Riding back with the king’s colors and armor as trophies. He grinned inside his protective suit even as he felt a sudden change in the air. He noticed a blur from above and looked into the sun to notice a mass of black dropping toward him. Within seconds he lay dying on the battlefield, with a dozen arrows piercing his proud frame.

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  9. As he hefted, a vision appeared before him… a splendorous vision dressed in white and carrying what looked like giant scales. His hand froze mid air as Justice, sporting a huge Afro and carrying huge gold plated scales in her left hand, glared at him and in a cold, firm tone said. “Enough, you bastard! You’re done.!”

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