DP: Writing Room

Apparently a genie has agreed to create me the perfect writing and reading room! Well, that’s the Daily Prompt anyway, though I do wish it was true. We are to explain our perfect reading and writing room.

It’s not a hugely big room, but it’s spacious in its own right. The walls are a calm green, as that’s the best colour for reading and writing (proven, look it up). There’s a bookshelf there, full of Tolkien and other authors there to give inspiration for my story writing. There’s a beautiful old oak-wooden desk corner unit in the room, and it has lots of drawers for organisation. It has a slight angle to it, so as to make for the most comfortable writing. Upon it there is a couple of notebooks, and below the desk a ream of paper for story drafting. There is a netbook laptop there also for researching and blogging.
On the other side of the room there is a two-seat armchair. Not vintage, but in a classical sepia style. The toned green does not clash with it. One cushion of the chair is squashed down through much increased use – the preferred side of the chair. Beside the arm there is a dark wood coffee table with a steaming mug set there.

And in the corner, a little minifridge holds a selection of ales and spirits.


5 thoughts on “DP: Writing Room

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