Satsumas with pips.

I hate these things. Whether it’s satsumas or oranges or clementines or tangerines I do not care, I hate the ones that are full of pips. The reason being, you spend more time extracting and removing the pips than eating and enjoying the fruit. I’m really not a big fruit eater, but I like my satsumas (not ones with pips, though).

You see, I don’t like eating the pips. Swallowing them, that is. Yes, I’m a spitter. I extricate the offending items into the nearest bin. Hey, I know what I need – a spittoon! To ping the offending buggers into a pot, haha! Honestly, I really hate them. I’d say they’re pointless, but I accept if there were no pips there would be Bo satsumas.

The thing is, though, that supermarkets should filter out the nasty ‘sumas with pips – the people that like them can grow an orange tree. Bush. Whatever. I care not.


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