DP: Burning Down The House

Today’s Daily Prompt asks us what we’d grab if our house was burning down, and we can only carry five things. Apparently, all of the other people and animals are all safe, so we don’t have to go grab Granny! Okay, so:

1. Phone: Contains all my communication (phone, email, text etc) and lots of contact information I don’t otherwise have; for work and college and family.
2. My Copy of the Lord of the Rings Series: Lots of sentimental value here. It was my mum’s before mine, and is the 1981 fifth edition, given to her Christmas ’84 by my grandparents.
3. My Fountain Pen Collection: It’s worth a lot of money, and worth more than that to me. If I didn’t have them I’d have to use inferior writing equipment, and I’d lose out on about £200 of stuff.
4. My Wallet: Pretty obvious really. Some people might automatically assume it is on the person, but mine isn’t, it’s normally on my chest of drawers. Contains my bank card and various other things. Most importantly, my costa-coffee card – free drinks all round.
5. My journal: It has sentimental value, and I wouldn’t want to lose it.


3 thoughts on “DP: Burning Down The House

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