DP: Through the Window

Today’s Daily Promptt asks us to go to a window and stand there for a full minute and describe what we see. I’ll try a first person narrative.

I walk to the window. My window. Two panes, double glazed and looking down onto the stable-yard in which the horses stand. Beyond is the farmhouse, where smoke rises from an unseen fire within. The Aga it’ll be, warming the old house. The dark smoke, caught by no wind drifts ever skyward and dissipates, lost on empty blue. The sun is shining bright over the apple meadow, though I can see but the tips of those short trees. The horses have a net of hay, and they stand to eat their part. A snack. I see the old farmer moving the sheep with the seasoned dog, and his wife bottle feeding the lambs. Country life.


4 thoughts on “DP: Through the Window

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