Exam Stress; Pre and Post

Well, I had an exam today, and let me tell you it really wasn’t easy. I don’t think it was lack of revision that let me down, just more that I am pretty awful at that area of maths (Decision/Discrete 1).

Anyway, exams are stressful little blighters for the majority of students – at least all of us that actually care about our future. You can easily split the stress about exams into two categories. The Pre-Exam stress and the Post-Exam stress. I think different people are affected worse by each one.

For me, it’s the Pre-Exam stress that’s the worst. When the teachers are piling it on that THERE’S ONLY – my cat just knocked over a glass of water all onto myself and my bed, rage -TWO LESSONS LEFT UNTIL THE EXAM. You know that you can be revising and doing something about it, but are you doing enough? It’s in your hands!

I think it’s Post-Exam stress that really hits most people. For me, it’s nothing. I’ve done all I can do, stressing it out won’t help, it’s all down to the examiner. Perhaps that’s what gets the people that hate it, the feeling of helplessness.

Anyway, I need to find a new pillow.



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