DP: Set, Go!

Well it’s 16:00 and today’s Daily Prompt simply tells us to open a new post, write for ten minutes and publish. So lets go, hey!

Random thoughts, random thoughts. Aha!

This video. It may only be 49 seconds long, but I guarantee you at least an hour of laughter. Well in our case; a biology lesson. You know, there is a reason tutors don’t like kids having electrical stuff out. My friend makes his notes on a iPad Mini, and he showed us all the video. Let me just say, it was not a productive lesson. He actually normally gets quite a lot done, but hey sometimes a whole lesson just gets knocked out.

Well guess what, a triglyceride is made up of a glycerol and three fatty acid molecules, whereas a phospholipid is made up of a glycerol, two fatty acid molecules and a a phosphate group, which is hydrophilic – meaning it can dissolve in water, yay!

Well this is what happens when I have to write for ten straight minutes, my though stream is really divulged and random. Divulgence. Almost like DOTA. Well, not really. But another friend gifted me DOTA2 today – I got an email. I bet it’ll take Steam ages to download it, and it all seems very complicated but I’ll give it a play.

This ten minutes includes linking it all up and finding a featured image. But hey I’ll be a rebel. Nine minutes and publishing – BOOM.


4 thoughts on “DP: Set, Go!

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