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I’d just like to share with you all some of the things I’ve learned about blogging in the four months I’ve been doing it. You see, I have two blogs. I started my first blog, datbookreviews, a book review blog in September. My aim for it was to become a successful blog which I could flaunt to a University and impress on a CV (it also runs with my English Language Course). Obviously, book reviewing is quite a small, specialist area. I found that I was beginning to post lots of non-related ‘clutter’. I knew that this would not run in my favour, therefore I began this blog. You might call this blog a ‘siphon’ – it was began to refine my other blog, and also to give me a personal blog. I really enjoy doing this one, too.

I’m not sure which blog you’d call more successful really. Since its beginning in September, datbookreviews has gained 2,239 views (to the time I’m writing this). Since its beginning in December, this blog has gained 1,718 views (to the time I’m writing this). Therefore, in a shorter time, this blog has gained almost as many views as the other. However, it has been far far harder. datbookreviews top referrer (the way people get to the blog) is Search Engines – 863 views from that source. However, this blog relies on daily posting. You see, I try to link up to the Daily Prompt most days, which gains views. In fact, it’s the biggest referrer for this blog at 733 views. The second most is Trifecta Writing, a bi-weekly creative writing challenge that I link up to (207 views). Therefore, these two sources amount to about 55% of my views.

datbookreviews stats – STABLE

lifeofmeandmine stats – UNSTABLE

If I don’t link up to the Daily Post on this blog, I’ll be lucky to get between ten and twenty views that day. People just don’t find the blog independently. The reason for this, I think, is tags. When you publish a post, you have the option top add tags for it. Here’s a little piece on

How To Tag Effectively

Most importantly, match your tags to Internet searches. If your tag is worded in exactly the same way as an internet search, Google is far more likely to throw up your site in the results. For example, when I’m reviewing a book I think ‘if I wanted to find a review for this book, what would I search?’, then I tag it.

You can also look at google suggestions to see how people word their searches. For example, I typed ‘blogging’ into Google, and one of the top suggestions was ‘Blogging Tips’, therefore I’ll use that as the title and as a tag. I typed ‘how to start’ and ‘how to start a blog’ came up, so that’ll be tagged too. It’s like fishing really. You’re the fisherman, your blog is the rod and tags are the bait. The internet is the pond; with lots of people swimming around in it (fish). If you can get jsut the right bait, you’ll get a big catch (lots of views).

Therefore, I think tagging is the most important part of gaining a successful blog.

I thought to myself one day, “what’s something people search all the time that’s relevant to book reviews?” A little research told me that many, many people search ‘how to write a book review’ – therefore, I wrote post to that measure, and tagged it to the best of my ability. Now, that search is my fourth-highest searched term. ‘how to write an essay comapring two books’ is also pretty good.

One last thing now – the title of the post is like a mega-tag. If the search matches to the title of a post, then that’s really good and drags lots of views in also.

I hope this little (well, quite big) post was useful, and helped you gain a better blog.


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