My Favourite Video Game

I am not a big gamer. At all. I don’t have a console, so I’m not here to try to settle the Xbox VS PS3 war that plagues the Internet. I’d just like to say a few words about m favourite games. The games I play are all PC games, though some have console counterparts.

First Up, let’s talk Skyrim. This is a big game, and I expect that you’ve heard of it even if you aren’t a gamer. You could say it was the first ‘proper’ game I ever bought – that being the first game away from Nintendo and Sega, for instance. The folks selling the game said that there’s about 300 hours of gameplay packed in there. I’ve had the game over a year now, and I’ve out down 354 hours onto the game. Am I bored of it? No way! There’s just so, so many different aspects of the game you can explore. Sure, you’ve killed that dragon with a sword. And a bow. And fire magic, and a battle axe. But have you taken it down with resurrected, conjured spirits? Well, you best try. I haven’t even explored all of the gameplay either, there are still a tonne of quests that I haven’t got around to doing. I still need to complete all of the Daedric Quests. Skyrim is a very good game.

Team Fortress 2: Bonk! Team Fortress 2 is an online First Person Shooter game that you’ve probably heard of. Primarily, it is free! You never need pay to play Team Fortress 2. There are nine classes, split into Offensive (Scout, Soldier, Pyro), Defensive (Demoman, Heavy, Engineer) and Support (Medic, Sniper, Spy). These adhere to all different types of gameplay. I’m pretty damn hot at Spy and Sniper, but also Scout. You can pay to play, earning you a premium account, and I think it’s heartily worth it! You need spend just £3.50 to gain many advantages. Gameplay time is infinite. As an online game, there are no bounds on how long you can spend therein (for me, 204 hours so far). I’d definitely recommend it, as does pretty much everybody.

Battle for Middle Earth II: Yay, Real Time Strategy! To be honest, I’m going to say this straight up: this is one of about two Lord of the Rings games worth playing of the many many produced. The battles you can work on this are magical, and truly in-depth. There are three game-types; Campaign, available for good and evil, Skirmish, a one off battle chosen by you, and War of the Ring, a turn based war which involves skirmishes. There are three good factions; Elves, Dwarves and Men of the West (Gondor and Rohan) and Evil; Mordor, Isenguard and Goblins. The Return of the Witch King supplement adds another faction for Evil – Angmar, as well as adding two new campaigns and many maps. This game is hugely in depth and well worth your time. It’s fairly cheap now, as it’s seven years old (the graphics are still amazing).

So which is my favourite? I can’t say, as it all depends on my mood. If I want some immersion, let’s play Skyrim. In a bad mood and I want to kick some cartoon ass? Team Fortress 2. And if I want a challenge and a bit of risky extended gameplay, it’s always going to be BFMEII. You should give them all a try!


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