DP: In a Crisis

There’s been lots of self evaluation lately in the Daily Prompt. Perhaps we’re on a pathway to self actualisations. Today’s title is ‘In a Crisis’ and says ‘Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?’

Well, I’d say I turn to myself. I think about it and turn the issue around in my mind. To be honest, I spend quite a lot of time wrapped up in my own mind – whether that’s healthy or not I don’t know. If I can’t resolve a problem, then there’s nothing I can do, and I may as well leave the issue behind. If its a critical issue that won’t be left behind, then I’ll just have to live with it, shoulder the burden. I’m sure the wonderful author of the prideinmadness blog (here’s her ‘DP: In a Crisis‘) will tell me that’s awful, but there you go.

Well, it’s slightly better now. I now have a friend – lets call her ‘C’ – that I can talk to, but I still feel more comfortable in my own mind.


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