About College, Fun, and Study

Today, I realised something. It may seem pretty insignificant to you, but to me it’s pretty important.

I love college.

I remember Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) saying in one of the Harry Potter special feature cuts that his greatest regret was not having gone to college at the normal age. Apparently he wanted to go on a fisheries course after finishing Harry Potter, but that’s not the point. I realise today that I understand why he says that. Basically, I had a really good day at college and really enjoyed it. College is great. But I’ll elaborate.

The first lesson I had today was English Language. We’re studying Gender in Language right now, and there are some raucous debates! Apparently, women use far higher prestige language, speak in a far more standard English manner and are generally more upper class. Men use overt prestige language, are far more dominant in conversation (interruption) and so on and so forth. Now, this seemed to those of the male persuasion to be a rather biased view. The ratio of males to females in this class is 1:3 – that’s four males and twelve females. Putting a fair point of view across is difficult. It’s a bit of a debate – and it’s great fun! Good, intellectual debate, and it was gratifying to have our point accepted. Feel-good, if you like. There was nothing like it at school.

Now, I had an hour break. My friend was telling another friend and I about his sexual misadventures on New Years Eve. Of course, we demanded the picture of the lady in question. Logging on to my Facebook, he spent ten minutes not finding the picture, until he tried to log out. Now, there’s a neat little trick I used which actually kept him logged in. Tom and I spent a good half an hour playing around on his Facebook. After much rage was induced, and my friend still wondering how I ‘knew’ his password, we let him sort it out. No, no we didn’t. He was about to delete the posts.. And we turned the computer off. It was of course, hilarious.

Lets skip chemistry which, whilst fun, wasn’t the best. Biology was good fun too though. A friend and I really messed up a practical, and after that everything was laughing stock. I think I’ve put on about a pound in muscle weight through laughing so hard. I also managed to spill Benedict’s solution all over my leg, though I was mostly saved by my Lab Coat. We spent half an hour trying to make up a new colour (it really didn’t work, and probably added 1% to my insanity levels).

What a day. What a beautiful day. I really enjoyed it and it just summed up life at the moment; how special it is and how much I’m enjoying it. Of course, I’m still in full time education. So? It’s probably the best place to be right now. I have good friends and good times.

Such fun!


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