Job Interview Tips

Well, I had a job interview yesterday, and I felt it went pretty well. Now, that doesn’t make me the all-father of job interviews, but I’d just like to share some tips. Hopefully they aren’t all the usual ones you’ve heard before. I’m not an employer telling you what I like in an interview, I’m a hopeful employee telling you what I thought went well.

What To Wear

Well, it depends what they say and what the job is really. My interview was for a lifeguard job at the local leisure centre. I was told the interview was non-formal. I decided to wear black shoes, black jeans and a blue shirt (no tie). There was of course a fountain pen in the top pocket.

You’ve got to have some common sense though. If I’d gotten a job interview at a bank and they told me non-formal, you bet is be in a suit. If that’s the business you’re going for, you need to dress it up. Always carry a fountain pen in your shirt pocket! It’s style. And they’re amazing.

Another one people worry about is college/university interviews. Secondary school to college interviews are easy. You have to be a real, real dunce to be rejected there. Clothes? School uniform is safe. I wore white jeans (risky), black shoes, shirt and jacket. For a university interview I’d probably wear the same as my job interview. Black shoes, jeans and a shirt (no tie).


Doing your homework is impressive. Yesterday I was asked what I knew about the company. I’d already been given a heads up by my friend (who had had his interview) that it would be asked, and I had been on the website. Don’t just look at the ‘about us’ page, but scour the website. I had a few pages in my pocket notebook that I read over as I sat waiting for my interviews. They were very surprised at my wealth of knowledge on the company, and I felt it went in my favour strongly.

First Impressions

There’s a few things you can do to make a good impression.

• Be Early.
• Know The Company.
• Dress Smartly.
• Don’t Be Shaking and Sweating!
• Confidence
• (Males) Shake Hands With A Male Interviewer

Confidence is the number one. You’re there to impress, so get down and do it!

Know Your Qualifications

If you’ve done any extra-curricular stuff, say it! I mentioned my D of E awards and they thought it was great. Do you volunteer for somewhere? Speak it loud my friends! Employers love all of that, so tell them.

I hope all of this helped you!


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