DP: This Is Your Life

Yay! My own suggestion became a daily prompt. Very happy. So; my question is this ‘If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.’, and my answer this:

No. Of course not! Imagine knowing how you will die. You might try to do everything you can to change or. What then? That book is what happens in your life, it’s still going to happen, even if you change the book. Imagine the reason you make a decision is because you know that ‘you’ did in a written version of your life. You might feel like you had no options but to follow that one path. If you did still feel you had options, your decisions would already be known. Does the mean its truly your decision? It’s very deep.

Then there’s all the paradoxical stuff of what might happen if you do against the future. If you alter your actions, thus altering the future, have you put yourself in an alternative reality? Are you really real? You could destroy yourself in knowing all of this and thinking it.

Remember, it’s not only your life you’d know and influence. If you knew how your best friend would die, I cannot believe that you wouldn’t do all you can to stop that. I would. Then you’ve altered their life, the life of everyone that they wouldn’t have influenced or met. If you told anybody anything that you knew of the future, they would then go and change the course, and it would multiply indefinitely. It’s chaos theory. Basically, ‘mess with the past and everything that’s ever happened, will happen and is happening will go tits up.’ Butterflies and Hurricanes and all that.

No. Reading that book would turn me insane. What’s the point in living if you know all that’ll happen?


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