Walking home in the rain

Want to know something not very interesting at all? Probably not, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

It rained, hard, where I live in Somerset today. Not for the majority of the day, just between half-past-four and half-past-five. What’s special about that time? Well, it’s the time I have the pleasure of walking home from college. Do you know what though? I enjoyed it. I’m sat at my computer typing this with my hair dripping, but I don’t care. Do you know why? Headphones. I plugged in my headphones and let the music commence. I chose Mayday Parade, as I thought it’d fit the scene. Mayday Parade is ‘Alternative Rock’ music – some of it’s heavy, some a bit lighter. I have all of the albums except Valdosta, and I know the lyrics to every song I have (and a few from Valdosta) – they are my favourite band.

All of their songs have a meaning, and the vast majority are love songs, sad songs, even breakup songs. Walking home in the rain, this really fitted the sombre scene. It just tuned me out, relaxed me, and let me enjoy the music. In fact, when I reached home, I considered walking around the village once or twice to get a few more songs in. I didn’t, though. I started off with the music at about a third volume, but when I got to one of my favourite songs, you bet I turned it all the way up. It’s a really motivation, emotional song – here it is for you. Mayday Parade’s ‘Get Up’. Best played loud;


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