Muse: The 2nd Law Review

A few months ago, Muse released their new album, ‘The Second Law’. A very brief backstory to this: it relates to the second law of thermodynamics, and entropy. How the amount of energy available in a closed system will eventually devolve to equilibrium, and the amount of wasted energy increases (a non-reversible process). The final two songs of the album relate directly to this law.

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Muse, the one and only.

This is not, however, a physics lesson. Neither am I a physics student (nor indeed a lecturer), though I might be able to help with chemistry and biology!

First impressions of the album:

‘Well that was a drop.”

Droppin’ the bass! Wow Muse, this really another direction, and it’s definitely the right way to go. No two Muse albums are the same, and one of the beautiful things about the band is the progression of the music with time. Muse have played with a lot of new themes in the album, and I found it a really refreshing listen. Some of the new features are: a dabble in electronic, a great increase in bass, a smarter of brass and a lovely piano solo.

I hope it doesn’t sound like Muse have become a less-hardcore version of Skrillex. No no no. That’s just shouty shouty noisy noisy edited music (good for the dance floor, though). Muse is still real, the electronic element compliments the music, becomes a part of the greater time but does not overtake it (much like Melkor’s music unto Illuvatar at the beginning of the Silmarillion). I think that track 6, ‘Follow Me’, sums up the album. It’s true Muse, with sprinkles. Haunting, beautiful lyrics, a little electrical backline, beautiful deep and powerful base that rocks yours ears and above all, Matt’s wailing ululation. That track sums up the album, for me.

Follow Me.

The image shows it well too, on a note. Punchy, loud, looks a little bit electronic, which is ‘cool’. This is by far my favourite track of the album. I believe that the youth of today – my unfortunate peers – would call it an ‘eargasm’ (I’m in a pretentious mood). I think a note needs be made on the final two tracks on the album; ‘The 2nd Law – Unsustainable’ and ‘The 2nd Law – ‘Isolated’. Quite clearly, these tracks are the most directly related to the album title. They contain little true singing by Muse and are perhaps more a warning to society than they are a true part of the album. Every Muse album contains a theme, a message, and The 2nd Law’s is shown most strongly here. Most Muse albums contain eleven tracks, and that these are ’12’ and ’13’ suggests they may indeed be extras.

A species set on endless growth is unsustainable.

This killer line features in the former track, and clearly references the human trait for ever increasing growth. What a line, Muse, and what a challenge to the leaders of our world!

The album artwork.

This, in my opinion, is Muse’ best album yet, and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you’re depriving yourself of an hour of quality music. Seriously, if you like Muse, if you like ‘Alternative Rock’ (Alt Rock sounds so much cooler), then buy this album. Just do it.

PS; I’m sure you can work this one out for yourselves.



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