DP: 1984

The Daily Prompt today is very personal in my opinion. Something that all of us have. I expect many won’t like to bare their soul in this manner, but I feel I can. The title is ‘1984’, and I don’t know the relevance of that, but it reads ‘You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. What’s in the room?’

The room would contain myself as an elderly man. Locked in by some illness or condition, I cannot express myself, I cannot speak. I cannot tell anybody anything. It is one of my greatest fears, to be locked into my own mind with no way to communicate.

For anybody reading this when, on a time, I am ‘locked in’ then know this: I would rather die. I am stalwart in this, and my opinion shall not change with time. Do not let me be such a prisoner, do not do me the injustice. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “DP: 1984

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  3. Is it a reference to Goerge Orwell’s “1984?” While being trapped in my mind doesn’t top my list of fears, I can understand your setiments on that topic – it’s all about a certain level with regards to quality of life.

    • A quick google search says perhaps. However, I’m not familiar with the novel so I can’t confirm that. Thanks for the heads up though, I expect you’re right!

      • For shame, for shame, I haven’t read it either, so I am also unable to confirm. 😛 We should probably get on that. It is supposed to be a classic.

      • I could do a lot more reading of the classics, indeed. As a youngsta’, I’m more attuned to it than most my age through my love of Tolkien and CS Lewis. However, it might be a while before I ‘get around to’ reading it.

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