Isn’t it funny how we link up different senses to experiences, places and times? For example, I got into my bed last night, the sheets having been washed. It triggered memories for me – memories of holidays in caravans with my cousins in Dawlish Warren. I think I know why, too. It’s because when you arrive at the caravan site and get into your caravan, all of the bedding is clean. Of course, the staff have cleaned the caravan and got it all ready for your arrival.

I was just very surprised that I’ve never made this association before, and it suddenly clicked last night. Another strong one for me is pinecones. The caravan site we use to stay on had many tall pine trees, and a dirty old sandpit. The smell of pinecones was very strong there, and that sap-smell always transports me right back to my childhood holidays. I love it.

Have you any like this?


8 thoughts on “Associations

  1. Cinnamon reminds me of Christmas! There is also a certain laundry soap or dryer sheet that reminds me of how an ex bf used to smell. Axe body spray reminds me of various ex’s also. I’m big on smell. I smell everything so it makes sense that I would associate it with good and bad memories.

    • Yes, cinnamon is Christmas! Indeed. I agree; when a guy has a favourite ‘smell’, there’s always an association made by the people that get closest to them, often the girlfriends! Lynx Excite came out just before last Christmas, and last Christmas I was given six cans of it. I’ve still got a few left, so that’s my smell. Haha.

      • Ha ha I hope it’s a good smell! I desperately searched for my smell when I was in high school and ended up with Fantasy by Britney Spears. Now I like wearing Pink Chiffon from Bath and Body. i always wanted to be one of those girls who walked by and their awesome perfume lingered. I don’t think I ever achieved it but oh well.

      • Ah, doesn’t matter. My girlfriend’s trying to find a new one at the moment. It was Paco Rabanne Black XS, but they’ve stop doing the cheaper cans and the bottles are too expensive or something. I don’t know, all too complicated for me! I only got three bottles of stuff this year.

  2. Yes! There is one section of my backyard where the scent from the vegetation/earth is IDENTICAL to that of a childhood friend’s yard. The first time I experienced it was like being in a time warp: if I shut my eyes I was IN that old backyard.
    I’m so glad you posted this today. I always wondered if other people had these olfactory experiences.

  3. The smell of pine reminds me of driving to the mountains every summer with my family. The smell of rain in the air reminds me of the summer desert thunderstorms I remember from when I was little.

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