Old Friends

First off, I’d like to say that this post was inspired by the story given here, at the prideinmadness blog. It’s a great blog for the open-minded, perhaps you guys could give it a follow, and me too while you’re at it thank you very much! Anyway, my story is not so ‘big’ nor emotional as the one linked above, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Context: I used to ride horses a lot, and was part of the National Pony club as a small boy (from the age of seven to about eleven). Obviously I had lots of friends there – and I wasn’t short of enemies either! Those vendettas still haven’t been solved. There was a girl, older than me, though at the time I didn’t know how much older. Let’s call her ‘C’, shall we? She was bigger than we boys of younger age, and we’d often play-fight with her, only to be thrown to the ground. Yes, we were children, and we loved the attention she gave us.

Wind forward about six years, and I’m in secondary and haven’t spoken to her for those past six years. I’ve just read a book (avid reader), and one of the characters has brought back a fully formed (younger) C to my mind. Indeed the character, of the same name as C, was the spit clone of her personality as I remembered it, and I was quite surprised by the way I’d been reminded of her. I think of myself as a friendly kind of guy, so I turn to the ol’ facebook. I find that I have her as a friend – surprise! Just goes to show you never know who you know online.

I decide I’ll send her a message. I’ll give you the first few messages en verbatim (true to what was said), to show you my bluntness!

“Hi, C. I was just reading something today that reminded me perfectly of you, so I thought I’d say hi.. If you even remember me! How’re you doing? X”
“haha yeah i remember you. What was it that you read that reminder you of me? Im shattered but other than that im great thanks, you? what have you been doing? x”
“A character in a book.. C, funnily enough. She had a similar personality to how I remember you. I haven’t been riding as much, doing lots of swimming and exams at school obviously. What’ve you been doing in five/six years then?! X”

And on the conversation went. We soon found that we had quite a lot in common; and asking for her number, we began to talk over the phone. Woah, stop your minds racing ahead of you! This isn’t the start of a drippy romance, though it may seem it. That’s how it has been for the last few months. We text and talk a few days a week, and help each other out with ‘life issues’ and all of the other adolescent plagues like college! I’m glad to say I count her as quite a close friend now.

So my advice is, if you’ve got an old friend that you’d quite like to get back in touch with, do! The joys of social networking are out there for you, it’s so easy to look up your old best buddy, ex-boyfriend or school crush. Say hi, though you needn’t be as forward as I was. What the author of prideinmadness did was much braver than what I had to do, so I bow to her. However, if you are in a situation similar to she and have an apology held within, say it, I’m sure she’ll tell you it made her feel better.


3 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. I’m so glad you reconnected with C! Thanks for sharing this!

    I totally agree that social networking has made it easy to get in contact with others from our past. I’ve had a few people contact me, even if we’re not talking now, and it’s been alright.

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