Isn’t it funny?

I went to visit my Nan’s house yesterday. I always enjoy going, as the little place just has such a lovely atmosphere and there’s always somebody else in the family around. The reason for that is because all of my Dad’s family live in Westonzoyland – it’s like a clan. My father was one of three siblings, and we’re the only family that live out of the village. I have six cousins, two uncles, three aunties, my nan and my Nan’s sister’s daughter (not sure what that it is to me!) there.

My nan has lots of family pictures in her house, and it’s really interesting to see them all. What really startled me was my nursery picture. In the group photo, I was looking at names I know there, and there’s quite a few that ended up at the same secondary school as I. What really stuck out though, was that my girlfriend was on there! I obviously went to the same nursery as she, didn’t see her for nine years then ended up sat next to her in secondary. Strange.

There also photos of my dad and uncles much younger, including a hilarious photo of old uncle Dave, in about his twenties in full boxing gear, posing for the camera and looking ‘well hard’.

I don’t really know what the point is in this post. Just to share that little feeling of home that I get, even away from home. Is there anywhere you feel like this? Wow, I didn’t realise – with my headphones in in the back of the car writing this, I’ve just looked past and we’re going through Westonzoyland now. Uncle Dave’s walking to the shop. Oh, it just makes this whole sense of community I associate with this place so much closer.

Just looking to share this happy experience!


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