DP: Stroke of Midnight

Today’s Daily Post – quite obviously – is new year related! It asks ‘Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d wanted to be?’.

I was at home, actually. I didn’t go anywhere or go partying, and has the pleasure of waking up without a hangover, shucks to that! In fact, I was penning a letter to Phil Deane, whom is a penpal of mine. That’s right, I have a penpal. I handwrite ‘snail-mail’ letters, with my fountain pen, and send them via the physical post. Archaic, I know, but I enjoy it. I’ve posted about letter writing before now, in fact.

Was I happy to be there? Yes, I was content. I enjoy writing letters in the calm and quiet. The rest of my family were asleep, you see. I would have enjoyed going to a party, yes. However, we’re going to see family these evening and that’s new year for me really.

And Mrs. Brown’s Boys. I can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “DP: Stroke of Midnight

  1. You use a fountain pen — love it! (and fountain pens — I’m a calligrapher, so I appreciate this). Lovely want to spend the evening. Happy New Year!

    • And to you! I’ve even writing with a fountain pen since we were forced to at the age of nine. I haven’t looked back, as the quality is so much higher and the writing experience so much better.

      What fountain pens do you use? The two favourites I own are a Pelikan M200 and a c1940’s Swan 200/60. I have a Manuscript calligraphy pen, but I am no master of the art!

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