TWC: Survive

I’ve missed out a few lots of Trifecta recently, silly me! Well, here’s my contribution to this week’s fictional challenge. The title is ‘survive’, and the chosen definition (the third of course) is ‘to continue to function or prosper despite : withstand

‘. I wonder whether anybody can guess what the inspiration was before you see it at the bottom of the page?

Looking back, he turned to them, and a swelling he felt in his heart. Of pride, and love, and anger not least. For these people, his people had stood with him through much and were dear to him. The words he spoke were formed on his tongue full, and were of no conscious thought.

“My brothers, friends! My people. We have been held for too long, and the shackles placed on us have cut too deep. For he that holds us in this was mistaken in mind. Today he may know that we are a proud people and will not stand for such! Let the anger of your heart drive your arm, let the pain of your pride guide you blade and the fires of you soul drive our victory! Ere the day comes we will free our families, and though the enemy be many, let not a single beast survive!”

And turning now, he drew his sword. Raising it, his voice was scarce heard above the clamour of the enemy, yet none missed the words that he spoke.

“For freedom.”

The men drew their swords. The cry, taken up, rang against the clifftops and beat upon the rock. Battle was joined.

The inspiration was of course Aragorn’s speech at the Black Gate in the Lord of the Rings! Here’s a video!


15 thoughts on “TWC: Survive

  1. I am totally biased because I freakin’ love Lord of the Rings but I figured I’d throw in my two cents anyhow. I really loved this little story. it makes me long to get out my DVD and watch The Return of the King for the millionth time.

  2. It also put me in the mind of Donaldson’s Illearth War. High Fantasy should have at least one rousing speech. As little respect as I have for the films (sorry – Peter Jackson wrecked Two Towers and Return of the King) I still love the casting. And LOTR is my favorite High Fantasy ever.

  3. I have a feeling you went and saw the Hobbit (part 1) already – like me! πŸ™‚ More epic LotR action. πŸ˜€

    I liked the epic feel of your story as well – definitely the momentum of something big happening just after the curtain closes on it.

    My fav part was,

    And turning now, he drew his sword. Raising it, his voice was scarce heard above the clamour of the enemy, yet none missed the words that he spoke.

    Speaks to the power of it – as the reader, I heard it too πŸ˜€

  4. Well if I would have had a sword next to me while readng this, Tom, I would have picked it up and charged into battle! Wow! And I never see the Lord of the Rings either.

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