Ink Journal – Am I A Sad Person?

I’m a bit of a weirdo really. Using fountain pens probably isn’t the hobby you’d envisage of a college student, I swim too, which is a bit more normal. My.. ‘Set’ of fountain pens isn’t comprehensive right now. It only contains eight items. I do not like to call it a collection as that, to me, would imply I don’t intend to use them.

I also buy bottled ink. For each ink, I log it into a notebook. I bought a notebook for this purpose – a Rhodia Webnotebook ‘Webbie’. It’s a lovely notebook, quality 90GSM Clarefontaine Paper suited to pen and ink. For each ink, I log it into the book so I have a little bit on every ink. The format I use for a log:

Ink Name and Brand
Pen Used
Nib Used
Writing Sample Sentence
Writing Sample Alphabet
Dry Time

So that’s basically a simple ink review. I only write on one side of each page, so I can check how much an ink shows as bleeds through the paper. I like being organised in that way. I’ve got a queue of ink samples that have generously been gifted to me from members of the Fountain Pen Network, one being the wonderful Phil Deane. Please check out his site here.

I thought to myself today ‘hey, I must be a pretty sad guy’, then I though ‘nah, I’m just a bit different’! I do enjoy the creativity of pen and ink. Here’s an example of an ink log. Apologies for the bad snap.



2 thoughts on “Ink Journal – Am I A Sad Person?

  1. I love the fluidity of ink pens and for a little while, I had one of my own. Unfortunately, I had to give it up as my writing was too small for the nib and what you usually saw were a smudges of ink all over the page. They still hold an element of elegance for me, so I don’t think that you a sad person.

    • My, I needn’t think that should be a problem! Many pens come with extra-fine nibs, and money can buy you as fine a nib as you could wish for – a custom nib grind. For me, it’s worth getting back into.

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