DP: Study Abroad

Todays Daily Prompt is interesting, and perhaps relevant to me. In a few years I will be off to uni, whether I take a gap year or not. With prices so very high in the UK, the thought has indeed crept into my mind whether or not it’ll actually be cheaper to go abroad. Titled Study Abroad, today’s Daily Prompt says: ‘If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?’.

The two countries that spring to mind that I’ve thought about are America and Spain. I’ll go over my reasons for both. I’ve heard that quite a lot of UK students are going over to the US to study for higher education degrees. I believe that the reason for this is expense, as the overall cost to go to uni in america is beginning to become lower than studying in the UK (it used to be highly expensive, and only hardline students would go over to go to one of the best universities in the world (like Harvard university for Law students)). Of course, America has ‘built from’ (stolen) European culture, as well as ‘adopted'(plagiarised) the English language. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a huge culture shock to go over there, and I could probably fit in very easily. Considering that the pound is very strong against the dollar at the moment, the money I have saved could probably go quite a long way over the pond, too (I believe £1 is $1.62 right now). Obviously there are stark differences between the US and the UK, but not as great as there are between some other countries.

The other choice would be Spain. That would be quite a bit harder to adapt to. I speak a rudimentary (secondary school) Spanish (I’ve probably forgotten most of it), and I’d love to be bilingual. All the experts say the best way to learn a language fluently is to get a basic grasp then go and live in a country that speaks it. I’ve visited Spain shortly once, and I absolutely loved it. It seems so very nice over there, the culture so very warm and friendly – although of course that is a highly biased holiday view. Obviously it would be very difficult to begin with, and the best idea would probably be to take a gap year there to fully learn the language before plunging into a degree. I think I would really enjoy Spain, and I’d love to live there for a while.

6 thoughts on “DP: Study Abroad

  1. The US is just as expensive as the UK.
    And by the way, Harvard Law School which you mentioned is not an undergraduate school. So you will need to study something else before.

    I would look at the continent. Plenty of chances, almost all of them free or very affordable. Degrees in English if you prefer.

  2. And please don’t study economics!
    Just because 1£ is 1.62$ doesn’t mean anything. 1£ is currently 136 Yen, that doesn’t mean that Japan is 136 times cheaper. In fact, it’s probably more expensive.
    Currencies never started off on a 1-1 parity, so their nominal rates don’t tell you anything. You need to compare average incomes and purchasing power parities.

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