White Christmas? Wet Christmas.

We’re all always hoping for a white Christmas. In England at least. The last time we had one was two years ago, in 2010, and before that I can’t remember another one. I do have vague memories of sliding down hills if snow with my best friend, which was probably about 2007, perhaps a year either way? So that’s potentially two white Christmases I remember. So, white Christmas 2012? No chance!

There is a lot of rain falling in the UK at the moment, I don’t know if you get that on international news. I doubt it, really. Well, we’ve got lots of flooding and rain warnings and flood warning and all sorts of things. There’s no blizzard warning though. Unless there’s a flash snow-storm in the next three days, we’re going to have a soggy Christmas, but not a white one. The thing is, it’s still so warm here! Not summer warm, but it’s no colder than it was in autumn, or ‘fall’ as some o’er the pond like to call it. There were two days in early December in which we had frost, and I had to break the ice in the field. Now though, the field is just becoming slushier and slushier, which is disgusting and even worse than hard frost. Granted, the yard isn’t an ice rink. When it gets really cold, any moisture on the stone of the yard freezes, and getting the horses across it without them slipping over and breaking a leg is not easy.

White Christmas? I wish. We’ll be swimming, not ice skating.


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