DP: Dear Leader

Today’s Daily Prompt is a very good one in my opinion, titled ‘Dear Leader’. It states: ‘If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing in 2013, what would you like that to be?’

My answer to this was formed even before I finished reading it! University fees. Abolish, or at least lower them. Numbers of people attending university nowadays is decreasing, mostly due to the fact that people cannot afford it! Tuition fees are £9,000 a year and there’s maintenance and rent on top of that! At the very least students are looking at paying £15,000 a year; which is an extortionate amount. Students are coming out of university with tens of thousands of pounds of debt, and struggling to get a job. Politicians sit and complain that Britains is becoming less and less educated, and try pumping money into secondary schools to fix this. That isn’t the problem. Of course, secondary schools can be improved, but the reason that nobody isn’t getting higher level education isn’t because they haven’t got the grades to be accepted. No, no. It’s because they haven’t got the money to afford getting in! People are far more interested in a higher level apprenticeship package in which they are paid (fairly low) a set amount of money per hour to work, whilst getting a qualification out of it and most often getting tumbled directly into a job with the company on completion.

If university fees were abolished (optimism) or even lowered (still not likely) we would face a less harsh economic position upon leaving university, so it would be far more attractive to go and spend those three years learning instead of going out there and earning. Yes, statistics say that those who go to university and come out successful earn around 10% more over their lifetime than those who go straight into work, but that makes it no easier to face the harsh reality of £45,000s debt.

I try not to get too into politics online, as it is something that really shouldn’t be done, but I will say this: The United Kingdom is a fairly left wing country. Even with a conservative government, we still have more overriding left wing factors – the NHS for example – than many other developed countries. We know that France recently adopted a fairly hardcore socialist (left wing) leader. It is my opinion that it will work well, and what Britain needs is a strong socialist party to set us on track. We need to stand together, and forget the words ‘there is no such thing as society‘ and the iron lady.


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