DP: Forever Young

Today’s Daily prompt is ‘If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?’

My answer is ‘not yet’. I am too young at the moment, and would wait a little longer to abstain from growth forever. I think the age I could stay at forever would be 25. You’re a ‘full adult’ at that time. You’re respected as an adult, unlike an 18 year old. However, it isn’t frowned upon for you to be youthful, go clubbing and partying, drink and so forth. At 25, I would drink from a fountain of youth, but on one condition: I can choose death at any point. To be unable to avoid death is better than to be unable to choose it. Eventually, the sense of loss as friend after friend grows old and dies would be too much, and it would be awful. I’d want to end eventually. My answer is probably the same as many others, and for good reason. Nobody wants together; though we’ll all happily die another day.


5 thoughts on “DP: Forever Young

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    • Who can say? Perhaps youth only stops when you stop being youthful. Of that is so, then I’d say twenty-five is the ticket for me! What about you, would you drink from he fountain?

  3. I tried clicking the like button somehow it’s not working. Please check your set-up. To answer your question, I have posted my response and you can read it by clicking on my gravatar.

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