Letter Writing

I think it’s pretty obvious that people don’t write letters like they used to. In some circles it is nicknamed ‘snail mail’ on account of its speed compared with electronic ‘instant messaging’. In most regard, the sending of letters has been cut back to use as a hobby and for festive times (like Christmas). I accept this. I’m not such a cynic as to suggest that we should revert to handwritten letters – emails, texts and phone calls are simply easier and more functional. Nowadays, they’re cheaper too. If I had to write this post as a letter to everybody who will eventually read it, it would be time consuming and stamps would be expensive. As it is, this is free and not taking any time out of my day, as I’m writing it on my walk back from college.

However, I will be very swift in affirming that letter writing does have its place. The inspiration for this post comes from the fact that I have received a few handwritten letters recently, and I’d like to share my enthusiasm. In receiving a letter, I can respect the amount of time a person has spent writing it and the fact that they took time out of their day for it. It’s a lot more personal a thing to receive than a text or an email. I can appreciate the colour of the ink (fountain pen bottled ink of course) and that the sender had to actually move from his workplace to send the letter; unlike emails which are composed and sent all on one screen.

Finally, the best thing about receiving a letter for me is that it brightens up my day considerably. If I’m in a bad mood and come home to a letter through my door, it’s a real lift. All that most people get through the post is bank statements and bills. It’s really nice to have something different and personal instead. I love it. If I’ve managed to inspire anyone with the will to write and receive; comment, and I’ll get back to you on what to do!


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