DP: Flawed

Today’s Daily Prompt is titled ‘Flawed’ and is titled simply: ‘What is your worst quality?’

Unfortunately, this one is all too easy for me. I’m quick to anger. I’m not ADHD or any of that, I just have a low tolerance for things that wind me up. Call it what you will, short temper, short fuse or whathaveyou, that’s me. As soon as I say the prompt I knew the answer, no soul searching was required! Of course, there’s good days and bad days, but I think it would be worth my making a substantial effort to help control my anger. For example, not half an hour ago whilst making a cup of tea, the tea-bag split and dumped tea everywhere. All over the floor, the side and myself. I had to sit and seethe, hating the world for five minutes for I could bring myself to do anything about it.

One positive thing as part of this though; I’m not the sort to swear and gesticulate in anger. As forward as it may be, I’m too intelligent for that. My anger seems to heighten my wit and cold cruelty, and often gives bearing in my winning an argument against someone whom is disagreeing with me on something that is blatantly wrong (in my opinion). So I’m by proud of it, but there you go!


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