DP: In Loving Memory

The Daily Prompt today asks you to write your own obituary. Now, to me that sounds a bit morbid but I’ll give it a go. I can’t really imagine having one written about me – who can – less to write one for myself about myself. Here we go.

“In loving memory of T. O. Martin whom passed away on December 5th. A college student aspiring for high places, with this passing it is not only his dreams that have been cut short. An active and forthright young man, he will be remembered.”

I think that would be all. I wouldn’t be one for wishing my whole life story onto an obituary, the ink running down the telegraph pole the note has been pinned to. I’d rather the people I love heard about my passing through word of mouth. That’s all really. I’m not one for dramatic speeches of epic deeds. Just a note for those who might have known me


2 thoughts on “DP: In Loving Memory

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