The Bane of My Life

I’m sorry I can’t get at the Daily Post today, I just haven’t the time to do it today. Drafting, redrafting and the like. Just not one for me today, so I thought I’d give you all a quick insight into something that really makes my life a lot harder. I like to call it the ‘Bane of My Life’.

It is the door at work. I’m a lifeguard, I work in a swimming pool. At a pool, there is a room called the ‘plant room’. It is the room that contains lots of the chemicals, cleaning agents and all of the things that are required to keep the pool running. You may not know this, as it is often kept out of site of the public – you could create a bomb with the stuff in those rooms. I can take no responsibility for any damage caused by break-ins at plant rooms. Anyway, I digress. At the pool where I work, the plant room door is absolutely awful. The lock, that is. The door has no handle, so you can’t brace it – it’s just smooth wood and that damn’ infuriating sign. You can put the key in, fine. You can begin turning the key, fine. Then it stops. It just won’t move.

Now comes the interesting part. It is ‘the manoeuvre’. You cannot try and force the lock. One of my colleagues tried that one, and the key snapped. Door (well, lock) 1, Friendo 0. You have to lift the key, tilt it forward by lifting the handle end of the key, wiggle the tip slightly to the top left corner of the lock then carefully turn. If you’re lucky, you’ll hit the spot on the lock and open the mechanism. I do whatever I need to do in the plant room, then I turn to do battle again. This time, it’s even harder. You have to use the key to pull the door into position (no handle, remember). Before that though, you try and get the mechanism working. You repeat the process for unlocking the door in reverse order (with the door open) until you hit the spot and ‘lock’ the open door. Now, you turn the key, bringing the locking bar back into the door just enough to swing it into the frame, then twist it back into the locked position. Success, door locked. Unless of course, the lock sticks and you’re back to the start.

This really is one of the banes of my life, a battle I face most mondays, some fridays and most sundays. What really makes your life that bit harder? If you want to do it like me, dedicate a blog post to it (please link back to me!), or just comment if you’re feeling short.


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