TWC 54: ‘Crush’

Crush; Chosen Definition: to reduce to particles by pounding or grinding .

TWC Stands for ‘Trifecta Writing Challenge‘, a website that produces two writing challenges for week, each based on a single word. Using the third definition for that word, you must write a response between 33 and 333 words including the chosen word. What you write is open between those boundaries. The responses are judged, and the top three given a mention. So here we go, my first attempt.

Like mortar on pestle

grinding sand into rock,

the embrace of manacles,

and the weight of emotions.

They bear down on us,

crush, crushing, crushed.

Naught else can reform the world as such,

opening molecule to particle to nucleoid.

No man can hold in place

to stare into the face

of time.

We know only by the ticking clock.

Tick tock.


8 thoughts on “TWC 54: ‘Crush’

  1. I love the imagery here. Really thoughtful piece (:

    One note, however: Trifecta only accepts the use of the prompt in its given form. That is, you have to use “crush” as it is–no deviations. “Crushing” technically disqualifies this piece, as wonderful as it is. Maybe you could adjust it?

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