WWC: Shift Your Perspective

If you’re a new viewer, welcome. If you’re a regular, welcome back. Welcome to the Life of Me and Mine, that is. I expect you’ve arrived here via the link I have not yet made on this weeks Weekly Writing Challenge. You’re living in my potential future. I hope it’s a nice place.

Perhaps you’re now thinking ‘hey, who IS this nut?‘. I am a college student. Well, I am now, I hope I am still a college student when you are reading this. Unless of course you are reading this from the distant future, years ahead. Again, I hope it is a nice place. If you really want to find out, I suspect you will click this link to check out my about page. The wordcloud will probably attract your attention first, and you’ll spend a few precious seconds looking at that window into my personality. Perhaps things will have changed by then. The future is a fickle thing. Maybe we have a few things in common. That’s good. Possibly, you’ll then take a minute to read the short few paragraphs that I wrote in the past. My past that is, and yours too. Would you call it the second past?

By now I expect you’ve decided whether I’m worth your time or not. I sincerely hope I am, oh future human. If not, you might click on the link to my homepage in the top left corner. No, not the W logo, but the ‘Life of Me and Mine’ badge. You’ll be presented with a lot of images. I can’t tell you how many, that depends on where you are in my time-stream, and how far away you are relating to my present. I hope you’ll click a few things, read a few posts. I also hope I’ll still be around to appreciate the views that gives me – thanks in advance, by the way. If you’re liking what you’re reading, I hope that you’ll mouse up and click follow. That’ll mean a lot to me, if i’m still around to appreciate it.

Then again, maybe you’ll read this post and decide that I’m definitely not of interest. You’ll get a little kick out of rebelling from my prediction and not following my chain of events. Oh, wait. I just predicted you doing that too, so that won’t work.

You’ll have to think of a way to evade the ever-pressing future yourself dear reader. I hope you have enjoyed this little window into the past, no matter how distant. Have a nice day. Or night. Thank you.


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