DP: Hindsight

DP? What’s this DP business. That’s the Daily Prompt from WordPress Daily Post. Today it says ‘Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.‘ Well, I haven’t been blogging for that one, my first post was a book review, and my review style hasn’t changed, so it’s irrelevant really.

I’ll still write a little bit on hindsight though. I recently revisited the seaside town of Dawlish Warren, in England. It’s a lovely little place, and my grandparents used to take my cousin and I there every summer. We went back there this year and suffice to say, it has changed. Red Rock was far smaller than through the eyes of my ten year old self, and the lovely old couple no longer run the café at its’ foot. The walk to Dawlish town from the Warren was no longer an hour trip, but a half at best. I’m very glad we went back there, for there were numerous memories to enjoy, but it’s the places we visit rarely that show our age the most. The iconic black swans were still there, but the town is now a town, and not the city to our three foot high selves. Another thing is that my Grandad passed away last year, and we missed his booming laugh. It’s just not the same place without him, and our visit (mine at least) was tinged with sadness. Perhaps not sadness, but reminiscence.

This is, perhaps, the greatest memory of all. Perhaps I’ll tell this tale as short story in another post, but here is its centre. Our three names, inscribed by our Grandad in wet cement on a path by the sea. ‘Max‘ ‘Tom'(Me!) ‘Adam’ and I think the name of my brother ‘Ben’ may be outside the photo.. guilty.



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