Green Ink!

This being a fairly new blog, I’m not sure you all know what a nut I am about fountain pens. The people on my other blog (go on, here’s a link, too hard to keep them separate) know this, so it’s high time you were all inaugurated! I have a small.. ‘Set’ of fountain pens. A collection would imply I put them in boxes and cabinets. I don’t, I use them. I’ve got a Pelikan M200 (£62), a Lamy Vista (£24.99), a Manuscript Italics Set (£15) a Serwex 162 (a gift) and a Guanleming 956 (also a gift). Here’s a few benefits of fountain pens.

What’s great about fountain pens. Well, there’s this, but also the ink! Literally hundreds and hundreds of different colours are available for you to write with at your leisure. My favourites though? It’s got to be greens. There’s something satisfying, for me at least, in writing in this bright and enjoyable colour. Green ink used to be the name of the media’s life – check it out. I’m considering writing a letter to the radio in green, to see what they say. I expect they receive so few letters nowadays, they’ll appreciate it!

So here’s to green ink, and a sample in my favourite; Diamine Meadow.


Brown inks are probably my second favourites, there’s something classic and archaic about laying down liquid ink in sepiatic tones, especially on ecru/vellum paper!

Noodler’s Golden Brown. CREDIT TO MHPHOTO FROM FOUNTAIN PEN NETWORK. Check out the link for more wonderful colours!


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