Why Become a Lifeguard

No, I’m not suggesting you go for a career change after your mid-life crisis and become a lifeguard. This is advice for students! Getting a job is hard. Don’t listen to adults who tell you how many options you have compared to what they had; getting a job is difficult!

Lifeguarding is an investment. The course to get the qualification is £200 in the UK. That may seem excessive to you, but it isn’t. Consider this; I’m currently holding up two lifeguarding jobs. One pays £7 an hour and the other £8 an hour. That’s 28 hours or 25 hours work to repay your qualification. A lifeguarding stint will probably be at least three hours, so that’s really not much time at all until you’re holding folding!

In the UK, the minimum wage for sixteen year olds is £3.68 an hour. I earn roughly double that. Getting a job is also slightly easier – the lifeguard ‘pool’ (pardon the pun) is far smaller than the student pool looking for average jobs.

Also, I really enjoy lifeguarding. It’s great fun! It may not seem it, sitting or standing watching a pool, but it’s always good fun. There’s often another lifeguard there to talk with, and you’re very often similar ages. Obviously, ‘chatting’ is highly unprofessional, but I don’t think any employer is going to boycott that!

In all, I highly suggest picking up lifeguarding as a job, as the pay is far better than most. Especially if you’re a swimmer for a club, and that club employs its own lifeguards.


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