I was thinking, earlier on (a scary prospect, I try not to to do it too often) about the Queen. Maybe it’s a strange thing to be thinking about, but I was considering America and its politics. Obama won, which I’m glad for, but I was thinking about what he actually does.

Sure, you can say that the queen doesn’t do much, really, but in a way I’d much rather have a queen than a president. Does Obama represent all that it is to be American? Perhaps, but I doubt it. The queen however, to me at least, represents all that it is to be British. Churchill was an iconic figure, let that be known, but in times of war or trouble it is to the queen I would look. Not to take a truncheon to the enemies of Britain, but for her words of guard and guidance.

Come to think of it, this is a pretty random post, but hey, my blog as previously stated. We fire a lot of hate at politicians and commissioners and such like, but I’ve never met anybody who actually dislikes the queen. She is of course, the defender of our faith, higher so than the Archbishop of Canterbury! Now that means little to be, I am not ‘of the faith’, but it sounds impressive.

Good Queen ‘Liz II, I salute you!




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